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Select cuts from our global catalog

Listen Up

Select cuts from our global catalog

  • The Glorious Sons
  • Macklemore
  • Boslen
  • Wolf Saga
  • Daft Punk
  • Das Mörtal
  • Nickelback
  • Fefe Dobson
  • Bhalwaan
  • Serena Ryder
  • Dylan Conrique
  • The Glorious Sons

    The Glorious Sons

    The manifestation of rock ‘n’ roll’s most positive principles with a vibrant sonic style and genuine, emotionally charged lyrics.

  • macklemore


    Diamond-certified rapper maintains his independence over 2 decades in the game.

  • Boslen


    An innovative artist reclassifying genres and challenging auditory boundaries.

  • Wolf Saga

    Wolf Saga

    The embodiment of an electropop polymath prepared to ignite your imagination.

  • daft punk

    Daft Punk

    Masked electronic legends maintain their legacy with global catalog marketing.

  • Das Mortal

    Das Mörtal

    A dynamic synthwave producer that fluidly glides across techno, Miami bass, trance, and trap.

  • Nickleback


    Canada's premier powerhouse rock band, known for their timeless and deeply relatable global chart-toppers.

  • Fefe%Dobson%Resize

    Fefe Dobson

    A critically acclaimed singer-songwriter revisiting the pop-punk roots that catapulted her into global consciousness.

  • Bhalwaan%Resize


    Undeniable Hip Hop beats, electrifying vocal range, and masterful lyricism.

  • serena ryder

    Serena Ryder

    A singer-songwriter who etched her place in Canadian music history by weaving her healing journey into her songs.

  • dylan conrique

    Dylan Conrique

    Next-gen songwriter strikes a viral chord with emotional pop anthems.

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